About Me

I’m Alessandro, Speleological Guide of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
After many years spent practicing canyoning for passion, I’ve decided to share the most secret and wild location of my region.
My experience in canyoning begin in the mid-1990 when it was difficult to even explain this discipline.
The techniques we used were purely speleologiche and also the purpose; namely the search for possible caves intercepted by ravines.
Were not used wetsuit and booties but the bulky caving under suit and suits made of Cordura.
So in a very pioneering we ventured to the research and discovery of these marvelous places untouched ever since.
Today the preparation, materials and protocols that are used to accompany the people are the result of experience and research on an international level.

There is no more improvisation, but a very high attention to safety standards;
I am certified by the Collegio Regionale delle Guide Speleologiche FVG, with the attestation of Canyoning Guide.

Over the past 10 years I have refined and deepened teaching techniques, trying to make complex and abstruse concepts easy to understand to those who participate in my excursions.

Working hard in order to maximize the accompaniment techniques and safety standards, this year I became qualified in the prevention, first aid and assistance to swimmers in difficulty (CONI patent FIN spec. MIP).

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